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Topic 1: "Fundamental Particles and Forces"

This topic focuses on our understanding of the fundamental building blocks of matter and the forces between them. Emphasis is put on
  • unravelling the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking for which the recently discovered Higgs-like particle is believed to play a key role and which is the basis for generating mass of fundamental particles,
  • the unification of forces and the search for extra dimensions, and
  • the understanding of the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe.

Strategic goals are to strengthen the role of the Helmholtz Association and Germany as a whole in international large-scale projects such as the LHC and a future Linear Collider and to foster the role of DESY as a national centre for particle physics in Germany. This is exemplified by the successful Alliance Physics at the Terascale, whose activities should be continued. The most important scientific and technological goals of the next years are

  • operation and optimisation of the LHC and its detectors,
  • enhancement of the data analysis efforts,
  • contribution to the upgrades and improvements of the detectors ATLAS and CMS,
  • operation and extensions to the Tier-1 data centre GridKa, the Tier-2 centres and to the National Analysis Facility (NAF),
  • further strengthening of the leading position in particle theory in the four main fields particle phenomenology, cosmology, string theory and lattice gauge theory, and
  • exploitation of the DESY infrastructure and joint contributions together with German university groups towards new international projects within the context of the European Strategy for Particle Physics.

These efforts are mandatory to fully exploit the German investments in LHC, to meet the upcoming requirements within the worldwide LHC Computing Grid and to ensure that the data analysis in Germany remains competitive. Lattice gauge computations are made in close collaboration with the Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC). Examples for emerging international projects are a future Linear Collider and the Belle Experiment at the SuperKEKB facility in Japan, which is currently under construction.


LK II facilities within this topic are the Tier-1 Data Centre GridKa at KIT and the Tier-2 Data centre at DESY.