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Topic 1: "Fundamental Particles and Forces"

International Collaborations

The largest physics collaborations ever formed are working in the topic Fundamental Particles and Forces:


  • The ATLAS and CMS collaborations at the CERN LHC each comprise more than 3,000 physicists from far more than 100 institutions worldwide. DESY has signficant impact on both collaborations, as is visible from the large number of management-level positions inside the collaborations.
  • The ILD and SiD Study Groups for the International Linear Collider (ILC), and also the dedicated detector-development activities CALICE and LC-TPC, are strongly represented at DESY, and currently two DESY staff members hold positions of co-spokesperson, one in ILD and the other in SiD.
  • The Belle II collaboration receives significant support from the German partner institutions including DESY, who contribute to e.g. the pixel tracker, to the mechanics and to physics analyses.

Furthermore, DESY is also a member of the following collaborations in experimental or theoretical elementary particle physics: ALPHA and ETMC (lattice gauge theory), ALPS and OLYMPUS.


It should be noted that KIT is a prominent member of CMS featuring the second-largest group of 70 people. KIT is also engaged in Belle II. These activities are however not funded from the Helmholtz programme.