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This programme is a new initiative of the Research Field to bundle the technological competences of the different Helmholtz centres and to develop a coherent and coordinated strategy in this important field. The programme will work on the following key challenges:

  • exploration and development of novel accelerator technologies for future applications,
  • development of novel detector technologies for a broad range of applications,
  • development and initiation of the knowledge transfer between the Helmholtz centres, other research organisations and industry.

This programme will enhance the international reputation of the Helmholtz Association for the development of future enabling technologies. It will be structured into the two topics Accelerator Research and Development and Detector Technologies and Systems. These topics emerge from the portfolio topics ARD (Accelerator Research and Development) and Detector Technologies and Systems Platform. The programme will seek the close cooperation with universities and other research centres. It will actively develop and expand the cooperation with other research areas within the Helmholtz Association.



Accelerator Research and Development [DESY, FZJ, GSI, HZB, HZDR, KIT]

The topic is focused on new developments in accelerator physics and technology, i.e.

  • superconducting RF technology and high-brightness CW beam sources,
  • concepts and technologies for hadron accelerators and storage rings,
  • pico-second and femto-second electron and photon beams, and
  • high-gradient acceleration with lasers and plasmas.

All four subjects are closely related to ongoing activities within the Helmholtz Association, but they also explore possibilities well beyond those of current systems and should open the way to new applications. Close cooperation and networking between the centres is supported by the possibility to utilise existing facilities and projects under construction for joint R&D activities, such as PITZ at DESY, ELBE at HZDR, COSY at FZJ, FLUTE at KIT and BERLinPro at HZB.



Detector Technologies and Systems [DESY, FZJ, GSI, HZDR, KIT]

The topic aims to enable to perform cutting-edge science through investigation, development and characterisation of innovative detector technologies and systems. This includes R&D on sensors and the associated read-out electronics for high precision measurements of photons, charged particles and ions. The research objectives are driven by the specific needs of the current and future facilities and research programmes as outlined above. Emphasis is put in particular on

  • technologies for highly integrated, pixelated detector systems,
  • innovative sensors including semiconductor and other sensing media,
  • low-noise, low-power and cryogenic detectors,
  • ultra-fast data transfer and data reconstruction techniques, and
  • development and characterisation of selected detector systems.