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Research Objectives of Particular National Significance

User Operation of Large-scale Facilities: The Research Field MATTER operates and continuously improves its facilities for the dedicated use by university groups and research organisations, which have integrated this unique research infrastructure in their various research programmes in all fields. These range from atomic physics, molecular chemistry, structural biology, advanced materials science, nanotechnology to geology and matter under extreme conditions. These successful cooperations will be further strengthened and extended to an even broader scientific community. The further strong support of the universities by the federal project funding will continue to play a key role.


Strategic Cooperations in International Large-scale Projects: The Research Field MATTER is the national hub, which coordinates the German cooperation in several international large-scale projects such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the Pierre Auger Observatory for cosmic rays in Argentina as well as the new international projects XFEL and FAIR on German ground, which are currently under construction.


Development of Cutting-Edge Technologies for New Accelerators, Detectors and Data Management Systems: Current and future technologies ranging from fundamental research to advanced-materials design, health and security will critically hinge on more efficient particle accelerators and highly sensitive detection systems and on our ability to handle massive amounts of data. The Research Field MATTER concentrates all necessary knowledge and experience to further push the limits of these three enabling technologies and to develop nationally coordinated technology platforms.