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Interdisciplinary Topic: Data Management at Large-Scale Facilities

Large-data management is — and will become in future even more so — a key enabling technology of the Research Field MATTER. Efficient storage methods and rapid access to massive data sets, as created notably at the LHC, at the European XFEL and at FAIR, pose serious challenges to future data technologies, which have to be tackled by a joint effort of all experts in the Research Field in order to assure an efficient and reliable analysis of the complex scientific data. The precise demands and technical problems will only emerge in the coming years directly at the various experiments and facilities. In turn, the Research Field has decided to organise this effort as a cross-programme topic within the Research Field in order to leverage and combine the expertise from the various disciplines in MATTER. This interdisciplinary topic will closely cooperate with the cross-programme Large-Scale Data Management, which integrates other Helmholtz disciplines, coordinated by the Research Field Key Technologies (topic Cross-Programme Research Objectives and Topics a))