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Further Strategic Goals of the Research Field Matter

Promotion of the next generations of scientists: The Research Field MATTER offers a unique research infrastructure for education and training of students and for scientists at the beginning of their career. This potential will be further developed through strategic alliances with universities. The Research Field is planning to further implement new Helmholtz Colleges and Graduate Schools, Helmholtz Young Investigator groups and initiatives for W3/W2 professors.


Gender equality: To keep the Research Field at the forefront of science it is mandatory to promote talents and to offer equal opportunities to women and men from the very beginning. In the Research Field MATTER this starts as early as in school labs or programmes like MINT to especially foster the interest of girls and women in natural sciences. Flexible working hours, re-entry options and support for spouses and for childcare must become routine to ensure a productive and dedicated future workforce.


Research transfer as an innovation goal: Efficient knowledge transfer to industry is recognised by the Helmholtz MATTER Centres as a future challenge. The new programme MATTER AND TECHNOLOGIES focuses on those key enabling technologies and is striving to establish an intensified exchange with the industrial sector.


Transfer to the public sphere / outreach: Science and technology play an ever-increasing role in society, and research in the field of MATTER is deeply anchored in the public perception of science. Many messages can be conveyed through the current fascination with science: the fact that science drives innovation, that we do research for a sustainable future and that we offer excellent training opportunities in international environments, which will have a direct impact on the workforce of tomorrow.