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Cross-Programme Research Objectives and Topics

The MATTER programmes are involved in the following cross-programme activities and initiatives:


a) Cross-Programme Initiative Large-Scale Data Management: Secure, efficient and sustainable management of large-scale data (Big Data) as well as its analysis with appropriate methods, tools and systems are technological challenges for all research disciplines. Aims of the cross-programme initiative are the Helmholtz-wide coordination of Big Data activities and the constitution of a research bridge across the Helmholtz programmes and Research Fields on the basis of the portfolio extension LSDMA.


b) Cross-Programme Activity Structural Biology: This cross-programme activity should promote and exploit synergies in structural biology by supporting networking of the unique research infrastructures of the Helmholtz Association (such as the brilliant synchrotron radiation sources of the Research Field MATTER) and the existing excellent expertise to develop integrated structural biology. This will open new frontiers for biomedical research.


c) Cross-Programme Activity Materials for Energy Technologies: This cross- programme activity aims at advanced materials design and testing for future energy conversion and storage applications. A key aspect will be the development of simulation methods to understand material behaviour on different length scales and of adequate models for material synthesis and processing as well as for manufacturing of components. In combination with novel high-resolution in-situ characterisation methods, a comprehensive understanding of the properties and functions of new energy materials will be achieved.


d) Cross-Programme Initiative Technology and Medicine: Medical conditions require technologies for an individually tailored treatment of each patient,therefore new adaptive systems are needed. The research will focus on the topics "Advanced imaging methods – Smart tracer", "Multifunctional tubular support systems–stents" and "in-vivo behaviour of polymeric biomaterials", and is based on the Portfolio Topic "Technology and Medicine". It combines activities of the Research Fields KEY TECHNOLOGIES, HEALTH and MATTER.